Fees And Insurance

Do you accept my Insurance?

No. I am a fee- for a service provider. I am not in-network with insurance plans. This gives you the freedom to choose the provider that best suits your health needs without being restricted by your coverage plan. 

Please note that if you have Medicare as your primary or secondary insurance, we are not in network with Medicare and hence legally restricted from working with you in any setting. 


What are your fees?

Virtual visit from the comfort of your home- We use a HIPAA sensitive software to provide you telehealth visits for initial consultation and follow up visits.

PT evaluation- USD 250 Duration: 55 minutes

PT follow up visit – USD 200 duration : 50 minutes

In Clinic Appointments– 

PT evaluation- USD 250 Duration: 55 minutes

PT follow up visit – USD 200 duration : 50 minutes

Concierge visit– I will come to your place of residence / gym/ work to provide your physical therapy session. ( Within Seattle Zip code )

PT evaluation USD 300 duration : 60 mins 

PT follow up visit – USD 300 duration : 50 minutes


How many visits will I need?

It varies depending on your problem. I can provide you with an estimate after the initial evaluation. Most patients see me every 2 weeks for 4-6 sessions.


To determine your insurance benefits for Physical Therapy please call the customer care number on your insurance card and ask the following questions. Make sure to specify you will be seeing a non-preferred or an out-of-network Provider for services.

  1. Do I have a deductible ? If yes, how much and how much has already been met this year?
  2. Do I have Physical Therapy benefits?
  3. Are the benefits the same for Telehealth PT?
  4. Does my policy cover frequently used Physical Therapy billing codes 

Common PT Billing Codes

PT evaluation: 97161,97162, 97163

Therapeutic Exercises: 97110

Manual Therapy: 97140

Neuro-Muscular reeducation : 97112

Therapeutic Activity: 97530

**Insurance reimbursements are dictated by your insurance companies established guidelines.Reimbursement may not match the charges you were billed.**