3 Reasons Why You Need To Look At Your Vulva

  1. Your private parts should not be private to you!

If you have not known what your normal looks like it is harder to identify when an infection or an irritation or an allergy or a skin disease. Being aware about any possible changes will help you avoid delays seeking Medical Care if needed sort of like a self breast exam. You do those monthly right?! 

(If your answer is NO. Please spend some time on google today and learn how and put it on your calendar to check out your boobies every month! It saves lives !!)

2. Knowing your own body has some sexytime benefits 

If you have enjoyed solo-play.. You learn what your body likes and what it does not like. It is always easier to help partners if you know your own body well. If you are expecting your partner to know the way around town it is kind of like expecting the realtor to give you a tour of the house you live in!

3. The vulva and vagina are body parts just like hands and feet 

Well maybe that’s a stretch but you see what I am trying to do here? I am trying to uncouple shame from modesty!  Normalize our bodies to ourselves!!  Maybe taking on the world with your vagina is not in the near future but getting acquainted with your own body generally sounds empowering . How are we supposed to solve a problem with our vagina if we are not allowed to talk about our vagina.

Some find the mere idea of self exploration uncomfortable. It is considered a taboo and as a result you may feel very self-conscious when you touch yourself. But it is hard to help yourself if you don’t know yourself. It is hard to learn about yourself if you don’t look or touch!