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Patient Driven Physical Therapy Solutions for Pelvic Health

I specialize in the treatment of Pelvic pain, Sexual dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Diastasis , pregnancy (Back, pelvic girdle pain, public symphysis, hip pain), Postpartum recovery, Return to running, and Tailbone pain to name a few. 


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We have a comprehensive DIY course to help navigate pelvic health problems from the privacy of your home.

Physical Therapy

At home , In-clinic and and virtual Physical Therapy services.

Build your confidence to give Birth

Belly, Birth and Beyond

Physical therapy is the way forward for pain free pregnancy, rocking your birth and returning to your postpartum athleticism.

It is more common than you think...

Painful Sex!

Pelvic muscles are commonly involved when someone feels pain with speculum exams and sex. If you are struggling with this problem we can help! schedule now and take control of your health.

I refer my patients to Darshana regularly over the past several years, and every patient that I’ve sent has reported back that they’re thrilled with their experiences working with her. As someone who has also personally worked with Darshana during and after my second and third pregnancies, Darshana taught me far more about my body mechanics than I’d had explained by other practitioners and was always a joy to work with. I absolutely recommend the opportunity to work with and learn from Darshana Naik with my highest regard!
Dr.Kelly Baker
ND, L.Ac
Darshana is my go-to resource for pelvic floor PT. I first learned of her services from a nurse who raved about her knowledge and patience in rehabbing from the effects of childbirth, and started sending patients her way. Over the years, I’ve heard consistent feedback and seen great results from her work with my patients. Darshana is kind, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic in her passion. She is innovative in her approach to helping people access PT services and is an invaluable asset to patients needing expert pelvic floor therapy.
Mia Pelt,
I am a primary care physician in Seattle,WA. I have been sending my patients to Darshana for Physical Therapy and I have seen excellent results. Darshana is professional , competent and goes an extra mile in caring for our patients.She is easy to work with, communicates with me about complicated cases and she is an integral part of my healthcare team. I wholeheartedly recommend her !
Dr. Amy Hobson
Primary care Doc

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